Fatalis: A Novel

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Page Museum at the La Brea tar pits. Is it the lack of the cheekbone arch that permits it partially to unhinge its jaw, the better to use its two terrible ripping fangs? No, the curator explains that it does have one, indeed, and presently hands him an S.

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He has again learned something new, which just might, someday, find a spot in the continuing series of novels, now numbering 17, he has published since The books are set in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars and written in dialogue, vocabulary and rhythm that are remarkably faithful to the English of that time. Norton, In San Francisco he spoke to a sold-out audience of , nearly all of whom appeared to have read each of his novels.

The series has two principal characters. One is Jack Aubrey, a straightforward, skillful, rather bluff but immensely likable English commander. The other is Stephen Maturin pronounced MAT-uh-rin , an Irish Catalonian who is an enthusiastic naturalist, a physician and a part-time spy for the English against the hated Napoleon. Aubrey is a strong, brave leader at sea, less successful on his land legs. Maturin still, after all these years, has not learned the nautical names for things and falls down and sometimes overboard, but he is the more subtle.

His sea actions, which he plots with rulers to get the sailing just right, are among the finest in all literature.

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His portrayal of the sea brings it alive. In the San Francisco audience, teacher Rick Risbrough said he finds the understanding Aubrey and Maturin have of each other one of the most attractive aspects of the series. So knowledgeable, so beautifully written, so gentle. None of that trite, vile roughhouse stuff you see everywhere you turn. He explained there and in San Francisco that in his youth, when he was sickly, he read deeply and widely in English prose of the 18th Century: Smollett, Swift, Richardson, Fielding, Johnson, Gibbon.

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What you read before you are 20 or 23 you read with an astonishing intensity. Gibbon wrote a most noble English.

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Thick weather in the chops of the Channel and a dirty night, with the strong north-east wind bringing rain from the low sky and racing cloud: Ushant somewhere away on the starboard bow, the Scillies to larboard, but never a light, never a star to be seen; and no observation for the last four days. In this novel, giant saber-tooth tigers prey on targets in Los Angeles. Jim Grand, one of the three protagonists, is an anthropologist and Native American expert who still grieves the death of his wife; Hannah Hughes is a spirited reporter who is on the trail of a number of recent suspicious disappearances; and Sheriff Malcolm Gearhart is a lawman who cannot rest easy while there are problems on his beat.

The three come together to search for clues about the tigers—Jim finds ancient Chumash cave illustrations that warn about the big cats—and to try to find a way to overcome them. The novel "reiterates horror-movie traditions with panache," a Publishers Weekly critic stated. Rovin has also contributed to the series that bears the name of popular military thriller writer Tom Clancy. India and Pakistan seem intent on starting a nuclear war with each other, and the Op-Center must figure out a way to prevent it without seeming to involve itself in international affairs.

As tensions between the two antagonists mount, action is centered on a Himalayan glacier where the vagaries of the region's brutal weather may ultimately determine whether or not warheads fly. John E.

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When an ancient fissure is jolted in the hills above Los Angeles, the giant cats-in suspended animation since ancient time-awake. And then the deaths begin. Fatalis [Jeff Rovin] on ynyrifym.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying Fatalis: A Novel and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more.

Boyd, writing in Kliatt , called the book a "fast-moving, complex story. After finishing his work on the Clancy series, Rovin wrote his own paramilitary thriller, Tempest Down. The book focuses on the L.

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In this adventure, the team finds itself heading to Antarctica to prevent a Chinese submarine crew from boarding and exploiting the Tempest, an experimental American sub trapped under the ice. However, the Chinese sub gets trapped too, leaving the crews to work together for mutual survival. The L.

Fatalis: A Novel

A Publishers Weekly reviewer commented that "the nail-biting suspense and rousing heroism may push Rovin out of Clancy's shadow for good. Rovin once told CA: "I love all forms of writing, which is why I have selected it as a career! I would add, however, that I try to be commercial first—and artistic only as far as commercial parameters allow. I find the two surprisingly compatible! Entertainment Weekly , October 17, , Michael E. Kliatt , November, , John E. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

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