Love in Uniform: 50 Must-Read Military Romance Books
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To love a soldier means that we grow stronger as the years go by because we have dealt with realities others have not. To love a soldier means being a military spouse , supporting our spouse and being part of an incredible group of men and women who are doing the same.

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I love my soldier and the life we have created together. Through living overseas, multiple deployments and the twists and turns that this military journey has given us.

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Whether you love a soldier or a service member of another branch, you know what this life is like. You know how hard this life can be, but you stand by them because you love them and that is the basis for getting through anything military life throws at you.

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Two Letters from a Black Soldier to His Wife, April 22 and May 25,

Frank was here yesterday for about an hour and we had a regular old ladies gab-fest. You ought to see him. Tell Mom I will write her soon. In fact, tomorrow night. I must leave you for tonight, dearest, but I will write tomorrow. That is a promise. Goodnight, sweetheart, and sweet dreams. Dream of me? After the war, Steve focused on getting an education and starting a family with Dot. But it was the discovery of the letters that led to Van Laar and her family seeing a different, warmer side to Grandpa Steve. He had his loving moments and everything — but to read these letters and read the romance, he had some game with the things he would write to her.

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And seeing that incredible romantic streak was just really incredible for us," she said. Steve continued to write to his newlywed wife Dorothy throughout the war, including the day the Germans surrendered in , known as Victory in Europe Day. In a typewritten letter written from "Somewhere in Germany" dated 8 May, , Steve writes to his "dearest darling Dorothy", referencing the sunny weather on VE Day.

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He wrote about how it was "the day that we have been waiting for for so long", and closed the letter with: "I love you Dot and I am waiting for the day that I can take you in my arms again. Won't that be the day! His final letter from the war was on 11 September, , said Van Laar. I love his loyal and steadfast nature, his level headed personality that oozes calm in every situation he is in.

We yin and yang.

I Am a Military Girlfriend

We excel at where the other faults and we grab their hand and carry them on with us. We are babies in the military, fresh — young — inexperienced. We entered into active duty on the same day and it was the day our lives began to interweave.

Two brothers head to war in Iraq, but only one would return

That is, until the State Department calls and offers her an important assignment: to serve as a diplomatic liaison and interpreter for a Turkish national living in exile. I cannot promise that to our children. Keep me logged in. Also, she frequently talked about herself in the third person as "this soldier. The story is stays very close to the main character so much that it felt narrow in scope. July 29, at PM. When former Marine captain turned multimillionaire Giles Wainwright learned he had a baby girl, he vowed to go to war to keep her.

As we drove away from each other down the stretch of highway, it become one of the first of many goodbyes. Our lives are always on hold, counting down until the next time we get to spend with each other. My daughter, she has learned to be resilient, to say goodbye to her mom and her stepdad, and carry on.

There are thousands of others in our situation, who have willingly signed up for this life because we believe in what we are doing. We believe in our purpose in serving our country even at the personal sacrifices it has and will cause us. I can count on my Facebook friends list and at least half are missing their person right now.

THAT is why I took these photos. We, as a family, will never quit.

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We, as a military community, we will never leave a fallen comrade — we will support our fellow wives and soldiers in any way we can. Even thousands and thousands of miles away from home, you have the biggest family to count on. These photos of my family, they serve as a reminder to every military family out there that knows what the struggle can be like.

A reminder that there are quiet, stolen moments in between the chaos, and those moments, they make everything worth it. Show your love for the active duty heroes around the world. There are a lot of words that could be used to describe me: Mother.

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